Redbull skullpture

Here at c6 we are always ready to do something new or completely different, this was certainly different!
After taking in a custom ipad installation piece, the customer contacted us asking if we could do a bull’s skull wearing a HANS device for a friend of his, turns out it was for a Paul Oz piece to be linked with Redbull and carry an F1 theme using various genuine F1 RBR pieces and using F1 materials to bring it all together with a twist.
The twist was to have the bulls skull done using carbon fibre, and the carbon fibre HANS device changed to bone, a modern day flip to portray the F1 driver as a knight figure of his sport, add vulcanised rubber horns dressed with real pirelli tyre beads collected from a circuit, a RBR wheel nut/ring as a nose ring and some F1 exhaust pieces to replicate vertibrae/spine and more F1 pieces to mount the horns,this piece really came together!