Top Marks at Ultimate Dubs

The big opening show of the season for the VW / Audi scene took place on 11th March 2012. Ultimate Dubs at the International Convention Centre Telford is the UK’s largest Indoor VAG enthusiast’s event, which each year brings together the Ultimate VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda Show Cars from all over Europe.

The level of detail that goes into the cars that attend this event is nothing short of obscene. Enthusiasts will keep work under wraps for months before revealing styling tricks and details that set off their car to a new level, and the amount of cars on show is testament to the high standard of VAG on show.

C6 Carbon had been working on several show cars in the run up to Ultimate Dubs including Mark Povey’s stunning B6 Passat project, Ian Kelly’s chilling ice white A3, Julian Loose’s tidy RS4, Steve Lockley’s legendary MK5 GTI, Ross Doyle’s Audi A3 and Chris Everiss’s OEM Audi A3.

Each of these labour of love projects had various carbon accessories and exterior styling designed to fit in with the look and theme of their project and it had been a pleasure to work on the individual carbon pieces for these cars. Work on these cars included carbon fibre interior t-bars and exterior wing mirrors on Chris Everiss’s Audi Sportback, Mark Povey’s B6 had been treated to a full carbon fibre interior makeover whilst Ross’s A3 had carbon fibre fog light and grill surrounds and a carbon badge to show of the new front.

For C6 Carbon it was fantastic to see the reactions on the faces of show goers who noticed the attention to detail and quality of my work over the weekend. And none more so when the winners of the show’s various categories were announced at the close of the show. Four out of the six cars that C6 Carbon had worked on picked up trophies at Ultimate Dubs in their respective categories, and the owners of the winning cars had some great feedback on their carbon fibre styling that C6 Carbon had worked on.

We’re already getting bookings now for the next big VAG shows of the season and are looking forward to unveiling more carbon styling to the scene enthusiasts.

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BMW M3 Carbon Work

BMW M3’s have an iconic look about them and they make fantastic show cars. So when C6 Carbon were approached by a client to work on their M3 we knew we had to make sure our work was of a top standard as the cars always get a fair amount of attention on the show scene.

The car had already had some modifications to it and the owner came to C6 Carbon wanting something special that would get people talking about his car.

After initial discussions we started work on the cam cover, spark plug cover and airbox. The components are big pieces and carry off the carbon look really well as it gives a good surface area to put the carbon onto. We certainly think the finished engine bay looks pretty damm good.

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